Lisa Slayton

Lisa brings a diverse set of experiences to the leadership of PLF. Over 20 years of experience in the marketplace in sales and marketing and senior management roles as well as ministry leadership experience marries a unique set of capabilities to serve in her current role. Having both strong strategic and integrating capabilities as well as design and connecting strengths allows her to serve the organization on a number of fronts. Lisa develops and implements all strategic initiatives and gives operational oversight for the organization. Additionally, Lisa provides executive leadership for business development and donor relationships and evaluates and develops new initiatives and partnerships that advance the mission and vision of PLF. Since joining Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation in 2005, Lisa has designed and launched the Leaders Collaborative and delivered organizational development, training and coaching services to Bombardier TTS, NetHealth, CTR Systems, Akina, Prominent, ABC Anesthesia and WabTec. Previous business experience includes Marketing Director for PG Training and Consulting, Business Analyst and Information Systems manager for Kaufmanns Department Store, Account Manager and Executive for Byer California, Buyer and merchant for Charming Shoppes and the Denver Dry Goods.

Additionally Lisa has served as volunteer women’s ministry director and as a Board Elder at New Community Church in Wexford PA. Lisa is married to Roger for 31 years and has one son, Zachary.

Mount Holyoke College, Anthropology 1981
Bakke Graduate University MA in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship 2012