Charlise Smith

Charlise Smith CEO of CWisdom Management LLC. received her Associate Degree in Computer Science from ICM School of Business in 1996. In 2002 she received her Real Estate License for the State of Pennsylvania. She continued to develop her Real Estate Professionalism by receiving her Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) Designation, Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P) Designation, and Public Housing Management Certification. In 2013, she became a Real Estate Broker and is now the CEO of CWisdom Management LLC. Charlise Smith and her husband Charles started “Chuck and Char Cleaning Services” in April 2013. Not only is Charlise professionally motivated, she is determined to be a follower of Jesus Christ. On September 26th 2014, she received her licensed into ministry by Bishop Linwood H. Lewis Jr. and Pastor Denise Lewis. She will be an ordained as a Elder January 3, 2016

Charlise Smith has worked for several Non Profit Organizations in the City of Pittsburgh. She was the Information Systems Specialist for Addison Terrace Learning Center from 1997 – 2002. She assisted the Chief Financial Officer and the Computer Consultant, developing a database system for the agency. Under the direction of her uncle Clifton Jemison, Charlise Smith developed databases for two non-profit organizations in the Pittsburgh, Strength Inc. and First Step Recovery Homes Inc.

Charlise Smith is also the founder of Women Against Violence Enterprises. This organization’s mission is to primarily facilitate safe housing and high quality social services for women and men who reside in subsidized housing, and are transitioning from incarceration in order to help them heal, transform, and rebuild their lives.  The Vision of W.A.V.E. is to become a worldwide ministry that will empower and change the mindset of women who have been affected by violence. One of the short term goals of W.A.V.E. is to purchase housing that will be dedicated to her mother Willissa Christian who was a victim of violence.

Charlise Smith conducts speaking engagements at several housing communities for the City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority. She has also participated in the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Social Services Forum and volunteers at the Allegheny County Jail under leadership of Elder Fred Hill through Solid Rock Foundation Ministry in Carnegie Pa. where she preaches the Gospel.