Frequently Asked Questions

What is FWE Labs? 

Check out our About page to learn what FWE Labs is all about.

When is FWE Labs?

Friday, November 20 | 7-9 PM | Pastors Only  This session is exclusively for pastors to discuss faith, work, and economics (FWE).

Saturday, November 21 |9AM- 3:15PM | Pastors and Their Guests  See our schedule for more details.

Where is FWE Labs?

Friday evening’s session for pastors will take place at the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation‘s office (Suite 625). The Saturday session will take place in the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square. See our location page for additional details.

How much does FWE Labs cost?

MTF Member: Free

Non-Member: $20

Guests: As a pastor, your first guest is $20, and your second guest is Free.

Lunch provided?  

Yes, lunch is provided on Saturday.

What there will NOT be…?

  • Multiple keynote or plenary sessions with theoretical information provided
  • A binder of great information to add to the other binders of great information on your bookshelf
  • A huge content download with no time for relationship building ( just a little content download, but LOTS of time for connecting, we promise)

What there WILL be…?

  • Interactive sessions with other like-minded practitioners from your field of vocation and calling
  • A forum to learn from the challenges and case studies of others who are both in your industry and seeking to live out the Gospel in their field and calling
  • Sessions that include leading practitioners in your field as well as a Scholar in Residence who can bring biblical insight into the issue you are working through
  • If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact us.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rush