FWE Labs | Moving from Theory to Practice

What happens?

Participate and observe as pastors and practitioners present challenges related to their vocation, calling and the economies in which they live, work and find rest. Peers and experts will provide live consultation and everyone gathered will have a chance to interact. This “lab” experience will allow you to leave with gospel-centered, practical solutions that you can apply to your own vocation, calling, and the economies you steward.

Why attend?

  • To see how real challenges are faced in the economies of our daily lives. 

  • To be able to develop a greater ability to overcome faith, work and economic challenges with the help of peers and experts.

  • To strengthen the growing network of pastors committed to applying FWE principles in everyday life.


  • Pastors who are interested in integrating faith, work, and economics into their ministry and personal lives.
  • Practitioners who could benefit from learning how to integrate FWE into their work, rest, and play.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Rush