Thank you to all who attended these special 2-days. We are partners in this journey.

Read the articles about the take aways from Faith & Work 2.0:
Take a look at Sean Purcell’s drawings from the event.
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“While books and seminars are helpful in thinking through how to integrate my most deeply held beliefs into my work, I have found the most value in interacting with other professionals who are wrestling through the practical implications of these ideas. Learning from the successes and failures of others and gaining insight from others into my approach helps me to better articulate in my own mind the principles that allow for a consistent and integrated life.” – Michael Bontrager, Founder and CEO, Chatham FinancialLead Practitioner 
“This is a thoughtful and practical gathering. The two often do not come together when it comes to considerations on our work and calling. Faith & Work 2.0 does that for the thinker and the practitioner.” – Dwight Gibson, Acton Institute, Lead Practitioner