Kirk Botula

kirk-botula _sqKirk Botula is the CEO of Clearmodel and the CMMI Institute, the home of the leading frameworks for business process improvement including the CMMI, People CMM, and the DMM, and a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute. He is also a Managing Director at Carnegie Innovations, Carnegie Mellon University’s commercialization and holding company. Kirk’s career has been focused on building flourishing communities through the commercialization of technology.

Previously Kirk served as President of Confluence, a global financial technology company serving 70% of all mutual funds in North America and 20% of funds globally. Earlier, Kirk commercialized an investment performance solution to the trust industry through a joint venture between Mellon and Wilshire Associates. Prior to this he designed a plan to commercialize a communications switching patent developed for NASA that has since led to a market leading hardware and services business.

Kirk serves non-profit and for-profit communities in a variety of capacities. He has a BFA and MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University and lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and three daughters.