From Theory to Practice

Made to Flourish and the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation invite you to be part of real dialogue around practical application for Faith, Work, and Economics. You will get to listen in and contribute to several case studies where marketplace practitioners and pastor/theologians collaborate on exploring gospel centered solutions to real world challenges—moving from theology to practice. 

“This is a thoughtful and practical gathering. The two often do not come together when it comes to considerations on our work and calling.”

FWE Labs is a practical way to learn from peers in your field to identify Gospel-minded solutions to work challenges.

“While books and seminars are helpful in thinking through how to integrate my most deeply held beliefs into my work, I have found the most value in interacting with other professionals who are wrestling through the practical implications of these ideas.” -Michael Bontrager, Founder and CEO, Chatham Financial

Make sure to register by Friday, November 13!

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Senior Practitioners

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